Welcome to [DoD]Gaming Communities™ Home!   We are a Mil-Civ Semi-open Gaming community that supports verified I9 Military active/vet gamer and civilians. We are a cross platform Gaming Community that originated from the Delta Force Series and was founded in 1998.Welcome to our Self hosted web site! "No childish unknowning of Tech 3rd party jokes..." As well OUR Dev team is building our very own Streaming Services! "Twitch is a joke!"       

Thanks to growing community and support we now own our full server system NETWORK beyond MANY if not ALL other's wanna'be gaming communities as in XGN, AOD,TBG and  Vangaurd that are just a cluster of people with no purpose! So please remember once again we area a REAL I9  Federal Direct Verified Mil-Civ Gaming Community !"No wanna'be ID.me 3rd party scams"       

We Started back in 1998 on Delta Force Series formally known as IC/InnerCircle. We have over the years grown across platforms as our community/Tech has evolved over the years. We've grown many years ago to support the military personnel as most our community surrounds the base of military games. As well many family members of military vets and family members. So before you know it here we are[DoD]Gaming Community! We take security of our Full legit members serious, as we, as unlike many do I9 Background checks with Homeland Security. These people "not ALL" put their lives on the line not to be messed with by adolescent Children thinking In-Criminating Innocents is funny and cute. ​ We have evolved our directives towards an actual PURPOSE of a this Gaming Community for a REASON. We evolved for many REASONS. One we were just like many others just another "LAME" Gaming Community, hence IC. Then the board of military peeps got together and got tired of seen millions of XGN's and Vangaurd's community's and "network". Thinking out of the childish box and as ADULTS wanted something meaningful. NOT a CHILDISH adolescent Community. Is to support our Military Gamers as many are overseas with nothing perhaps an Xbox or Laptop. So now days we make sure they get VIP support and all gaming needs as we possibly can as our community can support them.

As well we occasionally IN- PERSON   participate with USO events!​

All that being said, we welcome everyone with open arms!

Join in and have fun! - DoD Gaming.