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We at VMax Technology and Low Voltage Specify in Repair and Install of New PC and Servers and In Home low voltage.

  • Custom PC Builds and Repairs
  • Server Builds and Installs
  • In Home Low Voltage Wiring

Industrial standard of recover inculdes many levels of redundencies. To begin a recovery includes backing up all data to cloud or external to ensure an quick process of recovery. Typically once data is backed up from local Device its a simple format of OS and reinstall to reinstate uncroupted OS data (kernal)to standard operations.

Pretty much the same process goes with all media as well, backup all media off device format HDD of OS and reinstall to repair OS. OS is just another program that has bugs and issues as any other.

Let's talk about that pesky Operating System! Everyone thinks PC are just 10011010 However its alot more then just 1s and 0s. Your OS has a lot on its plate converting those 1s and 0s for your interations with hardware. With that in mind (be patient). Not just its needs to convert 1s and 0s it has to manage what you toss at it as well! HARDWARE! So it got to figure out what you just upgraded (RAM,HDD,CPU, ect..) Even those pesky device's they alone have their own code and 1s and 0s that your OS has to handshake with. Simply as before standards is to remove old drivers and install new

Need file recovery?

With our state of the Art Personal Cloud Service's Data Recovery couldnt be any easier! We'll take care of all that pesky data mess and simplify it down to crayons!

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Easy and effective way to get your device repaired.

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With customer been #1 we always try to be transperant with operations and procedures   

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All of our services are prepaid through Square Appointments. Refunds if we cant make it!  

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With over 10 years of service and in the field since the 90s we have many years of experience with now more with our Microsoft Partnership and Cisco CCNA Certs! 

Affordable services

We always work with our customers to help them keep repairs affordable! Even Offer unlike many FREE remote support since most work in OS based!  

Experienced Staff

VMax Tech & Low Voltage Experts  


Tracy Valentine

Microsoft Partner  


Terry Valentine

USAF Vet 2MMTR Cert .


Troy Valentine

Licensed IBEW 30+ Year Electrician


Leo Hartgen

Software Designer

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